Get rid of undesirable moisture and heat the environments with the new C0752 Fan Heaters.


The Group’s synergy is the engine that, at Comestero’s, drives the product innovation. An example is represented by the fan heater of the CS series, fully designed and manufactured by Comestero Sistemi Group. Starting from the analysis of customers’ requirements, each company of the Group has provided its skills and experiences to create a new product: Comestero Sistemi has supplied its experience in the ventilation sector, Phidrive has contributed in the design with Comestero technical division to identify the most suitable materials and to study the most compact and efficacious design while Penta Group provides for the element production through the assembling and the mould of the external coating with Hotmelt resins.


The fan heaters are used for climate control to prevent condensation or freezing in environments subject to high heat shocks or outdoors, to protect the most delicate components or foods that must be maintained in a temperature range in order to avoid malfunctions or degradation of food.


Compared to simple PTC the ventilation system guarantees a better air circulation and allows to keep the temperature constant and under control throughout the work environment, not limiting it to the simple contact surface.


The product has been realized with PTC technology that allows to maintain the extremely small size, while the outer coating is made of material UL94: V0 that makes it safer because it reduces the external heating element temperature, which can be so positioned to limited distances from very hot surfaces avoiding overheating.


These features make C0752 heaters suitable for a wide range of applications:


- Environments that require constant temperature and humidity control (water or coffee tanks, 3D printers, labeling machines)

- Electric cabins and control cabinets

- IT Industry, IT, Telecom

- Display / Surveillance Cameras

- Meteorological stations.


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